Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



Clinton: M-F 11am-8pm; SAT 11am-7pm; SUN 1pm-6pm

Hackettstown: M-SAT 12am-8pm; SUN 1pm-6pm

Do you make your own juice on the spot in front of me?

No. Definitely not. Aside from the newly implemented regulations stating that we can’t, it is never a good idea to mix juice anywhere outside of an ISO 6 Clean Room. Who knows where those hands have been! You don’t want them contaminating your juice. Additionally, most juices take 2-4 weeks to properly steep.

Can I bring a friend/child who is younger than 21?

Unfortunately, the answer is a hard NO. There is an unavoidable $500 BOTH WAYS (yes, you will be fined as well as us) if someone under 21 is found in our store.

Battery Safety?

Here’s a helpful list of do nots.

DO NOT place loose batteries in your pocket, purse, or anywhere else. ESPECIALLY if there is any metal loose around it.

DO NOT use batteries with ripped wrappings.

DO NOT use unmarried/unmatched batteries together.

DO NOT leave the batteries in extreme heat or extreme cold.

DO NOT submerge them in water or e-liquid.

DO NOT run your batteries below 3.6 volts.

DO NOT use a USB charger with any device that takes more than a single battery.

ALWAYS make sure you are inserting your batteries properly.

We cannot speak to the quality of any brand of specific batter, HOWEVER, we recommend that you only use Samsung, Sony, or LG batteries in your device.

Can I clean my tank out with water?

Yes. Just be sure to completely remove it from your device, and remove your coil from the base of the tank. Dry thoroughly.

What’s your return policy?

All returns are to be sent directly to the manufacturer. However, we offer a 90-day purchased warranty on any new device omitting user error.

What should I do when putting a new coil in?

Upon removing your old coil, screw the new one in to the base of the tank until snug. DO NOT over tighten. Take your e-liquid, and apply 3-10 drops directly into the center of the coil. Now screw the tank back together. Close your airflow, and pull through your mouthpiece 3-4 times, WITHOUT pressing the button. You’re ready to vape!

Do you have customer service?

We have GREAT customer service! Just stop on by.