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It is necessary to understand what we are consuming when we vape CBD. In addition to what properties it has. In this article, CBD Vape Pen: All You Need To Know.

Cannabis sativa is one of the oldest cultivated plants. It has been used to manufacture fabrics, for food, and of course, for medicine. For all its utilities, it is a plant that offers a wide range of benefits. However, it is also in the middle of great controversy since some of its compounds are psychoactive.

This ancient plant has many types of cannabinoids (THC, CBN, CBG). Among them, there is CBD or cannabidiol. Together with THC, it is one of the predominant substances in the plant. Although depending on the variety, it will be in greater or lesser quantities.

Pure CBD lacks psychoactive effects (that is to say, it does not get high). It provides a state of relaxation. In addition, it offers other benefits, such as help against insomnia or stress or its analgesic effect.

There are different ways to consume it:

  • Ingested or topical use (CBD Oil).
  • Inhaled: for smoking or vaping. (CBD Oil vape pens/ E-liquid)

What Is A CBD Vape Pen?

Before we dive into the subject, we have to explain what exactly is a pen vaporizer. Different types vary from each other, as we will explain below. But they all have one feature in common.

A CBD vape pen is an electronic device made for inhaling CBD vape juice and CBD concentrates.  It produces inhalable vapor rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. The content that provides these cannabinoids and terpenes could be marijuana in the form of dried or concentrated weed. In both cases, you just have to make sure that it is compatible with the pen vape.

How Does CBD Vape Pen Works?

And you may ask, but how is this vapor? The answer lies in connecting the three parts of a CBD vape pen starter kit: battery, heating chamber, and mouthpiece.

When you take a puff on a pen vaper, the battery uses its energy to heat the heating chamber. It contains marijuana flowers or a type of concentrate. It heats up too fast. You’ll notice because the internal heating element comes in direct contact with the marijuana but does not burn it.

You see, the heating element is much more relaxed than a flame. So the weed is decarboxylated (activated) without actually burning. In this way, the process creates vapor instead of smoke, and vaping is considered a different practice than smoking.

How To Use A CBD Vape Pen?

Is it essential to learn how to use a CBD vape pen kit? Once these preliminary puffs have been taken, the vaper must place his lips on the mouthpiece. The lips must be in direct contact with the mouthpiece. Any gap between the lips and the mouthpiece will hinder the correct inhalation of vapor. The puff should be slow and steady. From 3 to 5 seconds of duration, depending on the preferences of each one.

Some, on the other hand, prefer to exhale it instead of swallowing it.  The effect it provides is similar. A more intense flavor is with the direct-to-lung technique. When a mouth-to-lung puff is taken, the vaper fills the mouth with vapor before passing it to the lungs. The vapor travels directly to the lungs instead of remaining for an instant in the mouth. It generates a more intense “scratchy throat.”

CBD vape pen

The Benefits Of Using A CBD Vape Pen

For starters, the fact that you don’t inhale smoke when vaporizing is a big plus. Burning weed with traditional methods creates all kinds of carcinogenic and harmful chemicals. When you inhale, all of those substances end up in your lungs—causing that dazed and lightheaded feeling.  Some people appreciate it. But it’s not very healthy. Plus, it could lead to respiratory problems later on if you use too much.

When you vaporize, you don’t have to worry about any of that. No harmful chemical compounds are interfering. So you can feel the pure and full effect of cannabinoids and terpenes in your weed.

Speaking of which, low temperatures also allow none of the compounds in the herb or wax to burn. A lighter flame, on the other hand, burns at around 800°C (1472°F). That means that most of the THC are carbonized before you can enjoy it.

In addition to allowing you to get the most out of your weed, the vaping experience is also very convenient. You don’t have to worry about getting marijuana or wax on your hands or clothes. Just make sure the vape pen has the battery and is ready. Then take it out of your pocket, press a button and vape! Or having to grind, roll or prepare your weed away from home.

Is CBD Vaping Legal?

You may be wholly convinced of the concept by now. But you may still be wondering if it’s legal to buy one. CBD on its own is entirely legal in the western world; the only risk is the presence of THC.

Unfortunately, as much as you want marijuana to be legal worldwide, it’s still not. You need to find out if marijuana is legal in general. On the other hand, do your research to find out if pen vaporizers are legal where you live. But they are generally legal.

If so, you will most likely have access to a pen vape. Since there aren’t many laws prohibiting them. And considering that high-quality CBD is the only legal cannabinoid, even more so. You may find pen vaporizers and cartridges loaded with this non-psychoactive substance.

The Last Word

Once you know if they’re legal in your area, you’ll just have to think about whether they’re worth it. So if you need a convenient way to enjoy weed, CBD pens are ideal for you. But if you only use it at home, you might be better off with a desktop vaporizer. Even then, a CBD oil vape pen starter kit is cheaper. It still gets you high, and you can easily share it with others.

With all this in mind, if you have enough budget, buy it! You just need to buy a battery and some disposable cartridges. Or a slightly better CBD vape kit with a rechargeable one. We see no reason why you shouldn’t try it.


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