Drink Vape Juice

Vaping has gained in popularity over the last few years since it has a lot of upsides to tobacco products, like not leaving a pungent smell in the room where a person smokes and overall being better for your health. However, because vape pens or e-cigarettes don’t burn tobacco, they vaporize a liquid to create a pleasant smell. But what happens if you drink vape juice? Let’s dive right in!

What is Vape Juice?

According to Vaping Advisor magazine, “vape juices are typically made up of four key ingredients: vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), flavoring, and nicotine. None of these e-juice ingredients should be consumed directly through the mouth in large amounts.” That is why many sellers advise vapers not to drink the juice inside the containers since it can be pretty dangerous to ingest if not vaporized.

Why is it Called Vape Juice?

Well, according to close vape sources, the name spawned from e-juice. They write that “when e-cigarettes like Logic first came out, it was just a disposable pen with a tiny cartridge of liquid that produced a vapor when heated. When this pen-style vape was done, it was meant to be tossed away and entirely replaced.”

Vape pens function in the same way, using a liquid cartridge that runs out with extended use. The idea is to discard that cartridge and replace it when you finish it; never consume it. That’s why the term ‘juice’ is harmful since it leads people to believe that it is edible when it isn’t.

Can You Drink Vape Juice?

The short response is no, no, you can’t. And you shouldn’t. While it is common for vapers to try out new flavors by dropping a minimal amount on their tongues, consuming large quantities of it is incredibly harmful since it contains chemicals that aren’t meant to be absorbed by our digestive tract. To be dangerous when vape juice is eaten orally, significant volumes of high nicotine concentration juice would have to be consumed, i.e., drinking it.

So, in conclusion: don’t drink vape juice like it’s orange juice. It’s hazardous and harmful. If you want to test out a flavor before buying it, you can always just pout a few drops on your tongue, and that will be more than enough for you to decide if you want to buy that flavor or not. But never drink it.

Drink Vape Juice

What Happens if You Drink Vape Juice?

Well, several unpleasant things. Drinking vape juice has both immediate effects and long-term effects. That is because nicotine metabolism is speedy, so if you drink a lot, you will feel its effects immediately and then suffer the long-term damage that nicotine causes to the body.

On the one hand, you start to feel the immediate effects when you drink large amounts of vaping juice. These effects are highly unpleasant and highly dangerous. Because nicotine poisoning happens rather quickly. You’ll start sweating bullets and feel nauseous, queasy, and light-headed within the first 15 minutes to an hour. You’ll also have a visual impairment, chest pain, dry throat, faster heartbeat, higher blood pressure, and quick, heavy breathing.

Consuming such high amounts of nicotine can also be fatal. You can die from a large enough dose if you don’t get medical treatment fast enough, as overdoses only recover by treating them immediately. So, if you drink a whole cartridge of vape juice at a party in the woods, you’re out of luck.

Drinking excessive amounts of vape juice also causes symptoms similar to food poisoning because it contains vegetable glycerin (VG), a powerful chemical laxative. Immediately after drinking the vape juice, you’ll have to run to the nearest bathroom to vomit and release loose motions. This process of release can take hours and even days to complete.

Nicotine poisoning also causes symptoms in the relative long-term, acting up thirty minutes to an hour after the victim consumes excess nicotine. These include shallow breathing, a slower heartbeat, and lower blood pressure. Heart failure can also occur in the long term.

Final Word

Suppose you want to test out a flavor. In that case, putting a drop on your tongue is acceptable and perfectly safe, but chugging a whole cartridge is incredibly dangerous since it can give a person nicotine poisoning, which has both short and long-term adverse effects. So, please vape responsibly! Do not drink excessive amounts of vape juice or e-juice; that can’t be good.


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