Eleaf Brand Review

Eleaf is a well-known name in the vaping industry today. The company came into being in 2011. It is a Chinese company based in Shenzhen, China. The company started with vaping products and launched its iStick products. Eleaf is known for its iStick series as the product is their specialty in the vaping industry. Soon, the iStick mini was launched in 2014, which made the iStick series-wide and full of options. The brand today is known as one of the leading brands with diverse features and a range of vaping products. The popularity of their products can be seen only by visiting their website.

About The Brand: Eleaf

The Eleaf Company is authentic and reliable. You can visit their whole range of products from the official site. The website is user-friendly and convenient for customers. About each product that Eleaf has. Its website contains a huge amount of information and details about the products. Furthermore, the quality of products is great and not to forget that the prices are extremely reasonable. The company deals in coils, atomizers, and mod kits.

Apart from the products, the website contains a huge number of customer reviews. Those reviews talk about the individual experiences of people at Eleaf. Other than that, the section of FAQs shows frequent queries from customers. If you want to try vaping for the first time, this section is for you. The FAQs section contains a huge number of questions and their detailed answers. Thus, you can get detailed information from the Eleaf website regarding vaping in general. We always recommend our readers to visit the website of Eleaf before making their purchase. Because in one way or the other, it would provide the customer or the potential customer with great knowledge.

Eleaf Products


Eleaf deals in several vaping kits. The company looks out for customers who are new to vaping. For such customers, Eleaf launched its starter kit. The starter kit is easy to use. The standard starter kit has a tank, mod, coil, and several vape juices. The vape juices are of different flavors and they are added to the starter kit so that the customer can test and identify their favorite flavor. Other than the starter kit, Eleaf also deals in advanced and intermediate kits. Such kits are beneficial because they are affordable. Secondly, these kits contain all the necessary components for vaping. One does not need to go and buy each part separately. Thus, the process becomes much more efficient and easy.

Eleaf has a range of kits on its website. The products under the kits sections have 15 plus options. They all come with different features and prices. Thus, a large amount of choice is present for a customer to choose from. The price of different kits starts at $17 and goes up to $55. So, one can choose according to their preference and price ranges. Most of the kits at Eleaf are available with several free vape juices and vape liquids. These liquid bottles are being provided free with the purchase of kits. So what are you waiting for? Head to the Eleaf online store and grab the best suitable option for yourself.

Vaping device


Eleaf deals in authentic, reliable, and long-lasting mods. The mods Eleaf deals in have a classic and stylish look. Moreover, they come with a rechargeable unit that has a battery in it. The rechargeable unit allows the mod to replace its battery and helps to keep the mod functional all the time. If you visit the website of Eleaf, there are several mods deals with under the name of ‘Eleaf stick. Eleaf has several options for mods. The mods are available on Eleaf’s website in different colors, shapes, and features. Thus, the presence of different features in different mods makes the products user-friendly. One can buy the mod which suits them the most.

Furthermore, other than mods, the Eleaf also deals in spare parts of mods. If you look into the website you will see that, other than mods, Eleaf deals in mod tanks, liquids, and mod batteries as well. That means, suppose the battery is troubling you, you do not need to replace the mod altogether. Rather look out and purchase the new battery only. This would save you money and the Eleaf product would become much more affordable for you over time. There are five different types of mods available on the Eleaf website. They cost from $30 to $45.

The significant difference between these five mods is the battery. Some mods have internal batteries, while others are supported by rechargeable and replaceable batteries. Similarly, some mods have dry burn technology in them while others are high-performance vape mods. Some of them have leather bodies that are more formal and luxurious, while others have standard steel bodies. These small features are the reason behind the change in the price of Eleaf mods. But do not forget that all of them are reliable, authentic, and long-lasting mods that are affordable and of good quality. So, visit Eleaf today and if you are looking for a good mod, make your purchase from them.


The vape juice is soaked in the wick of vape because of tanks. The main purpose of the tank is to help the smoker with the incoming liquid. All the tanks of Eleaf are pretty conventional and of good quality. There are few tanks in the range of tanks of Eleaf which have vast technological features installed in them.

If you visit the Eleaf website, you will find a wide range of different tanks. There are about 15 different types of tanks available for customers to choose from. One of the most reviewed of them is the GLT Pod Tank. This tank looks like other tanks, but it has an additional feature in it. There is a fan installed in this tank which improves the circulation of air. The circulation of air thereby helps in enhancing the vapors and flavor of vape. Mind you, this is just one tank of Eleaf. The rest available all have specific features which they possess. All the tanks of Eleaf are in the range between $13 and $37 at this moment. The price is pretty reasonable if we compare it with the quality. So if you are looking to upgrade your vape tanks, do consider the Eleaf tanks.


The coil in the vape works like a brain in it. The coil does all the mechanical work in vaping as it heats the vape juice or liquid and helps in the vaporization of the liquid. A coil in a vape can make a huge difference in your vaping experience. Thus, a good quality coil can do wonders with the flavor of liquid and vapors it produces.

Eleaf is an expert when it comes to the coils of vape. The company deals well with coils and gives options for purchasing the coils separately. So, one can buy a customized coil according to their needs and preferences. In the range of products, Eleaf has ten plus options for different coils. The coils of Eleaf are of good quality and at a very reasonable price, as the price ranges from $13 to $18. Some coils are good and built for people who prefer to inhale the vapors directly. On the other hand, some coils are customized with leak-resistant technology. Similarly, Eleaf also deals in coils that can sustain multiple liquids at the same time, and some just promise to enhance the flavor of vape. So, whatever your requirements are Eleaf has got you covered. The coils are flexible, affordable, and reliable. So, head over to Eleaf’s website and order the one you like today.

Vape Accessories

When we talk about vape accessories, there are a number of things that can come under this category. The products under accessories can be the adapter, charging cable, replaceable glass, multi-battery charger, silicone sleeve, and mouthpiece. All these different accessories indeed elongate the life of your vaping device. They are available so that if one part of the vape stops working, it won’t cost you a replacement of the whole device. Rather, you can only fix that one small part and your vape is good to go.

Another point of accessory is the up-gradation of features in your existing vape. Once the new accessory is launched you can buy a suitable model which works with your vape and can use it freely. This would let you use the latest features and, at the same time, you would not need to incur additional costs for your vaping device. All the accessories available at the Eleaf are highly affordable as most of them have a price under $10. So, if you are looking to buy some accessories for your vape, do consider Eleaf. The company provides good quality products at a very reasonable price.

Pros and Cons List

While we have talked about different parts of vaping devices, we saw and reviewed them in detail. However, we need to understand that there are certain pros and cons to each thing reviewed above, each part reviewed above.

Starting from E-Cigarettes, we have talked a little about the above. If you buy E-Cigarettes you will have some benefits. The benefits may include that they are easy to use as they are designed for beginners. Additionally, another benefit of them could be the replication of smoking with a mouth-to-lung draw. The drawbacks could be that the battery time is small and they are costly. Another drawback is the limitation of vaporization and nicotine restrictions.

Now let’s talk about the mods of the vape device. The pros of mods could belong to battery time, which can give you more battery at the same time. Another benefit of mod could be big cloud vapors and display of mod. The display of the mod is big and it shows the individual different features of a mod, such as battery time. The cons of mod could be a few as well. Firstly, it may be complicated to use. It may sound weird, but the mod is a bit complicated to use. People who are new to vaping mods may become overwhelmed by them.

Now let’s talk about tanks, coils, and accessories. The accessories for vapes have a pro that can be upgraded and you can add new features at a low price. Similarly, tanks and coils, if purchased individually, can cost you extra money. But at the same time, one can always customize and buy their preferred tank and coil.

Final Thoughts

As we have reviewed Eleaf today, we can say that Eleaf is one of the best vaping companies in the industry. Its products are affordable, reliable, authentic, and of good quality. The Eleaf website is user-friendly and provides potential customers with phenomenal customer service. The Eleaf customer service allows you to get clear insight and answer the queries of customers.

The FAQs on the website are made on purpose to answer all the concerns of customers. Additionally, the wide range of products also has customer reviews which show if one should invest in the product or not. We can say that Eleaf undoubtedly beats a lot of its competitors in providing the best for its customers. The products come with their pros and cons, but understand that all products and companies have their limitations. If you understand the consequences, you should go ahead and purchase it from Eleaf. We believe that Eleaf is one of the best in town.


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