Geekvape Review

The following article is a GeekVape review. GeekVape is a company that deals with different types of vape devices and their accessories. The article would specifically talk about the brand and its unique selling point. It also includes the country’s most recent ratings, which were obtained from the vaping business in the years 2020 and 2021. Furthermore, GeekVape is dealing with certain products, and we tried our best to review them well.

The review mentions all the essential aspects, price differences, and reasons for the price difference. The number of different products in each product category and all crucial information is also provided. We tried to review the product concerning the price, quality, reliability, and customer reviews.

After the products, we talked about the pros and cons of purchasing from GeekVape. Again, each category of product is evaluated, and an honest approach is used to explain the pros and cons. Lastly, we concluded the full review of the company to make the article much more understandable for our readers.

About the Brand: GeekVape

GeekVape is a company that makes vapes based in Shenzhen, China. GeekVape gained its popularity in 2015. Along with other companies, GeekVape was shortlisted among the top five companies in the vape industry. The 2021 review of the company shows it to be one of the most trustworthy and reliable companies in the industry. Along with Vaporesso, UWELL, Voopoo, and SMOK GeekVape are also on top of the list.

The company has several different products. However, the Aegis series of GeekVape is the reason behind its popularity. The product is considered to be the unique selling point of GeekVape. According to GeekVape’s 2020 statistics, the Aegis series is one of their best-selling products. The website of the brand is very user-friendly. Additionally, it has phenomenal customer service. If a visitor on the website subscribes to the newsletter, they will get free email updates regarding the discounts and new arrivals of the company. All the product details are mentioned on the website along with their customer reviews.

GeekVape Products


The Aegis series is one of the most popular series in the company. Aegis is a mod kit with distinctive features. The Aegis is designed keeping in mind the interests of different customers. The series contains a mod kit that has a high-quality design and functions. One of the most popular products under the Aegis series is the Aegis Hero.

It has a size of 48.15*25.4*82.9mm with a battery of 1200mAh. The output power of this particular product is 5 to 45 watts with a vape juice capacity of up to 4ml. These are the main features of Aegis Hero. It is convenient to assume that all the products under the Aegis series are different in these features, which makes their price different from one another. The Geek Vape has 10 plus products under the Aegis series.

All these are different types of pod kits. Some are designed for beginners, while a few are specified for intermediate and advanced level vapers. A few products under the Aegis series are the Aegis Solo Kit, Aegis Legend Kit, Aegis Mini Kit, Aegis Boost Plus, and Aegis Boost Plus Pro. All the products are authentic and reliable to use. All of them are claimed to be tested and long-lasting. So if you are looking to buy a pod kit, do consider the Aegis series of GeekVape because it is worth it.

GeekVape Z

GeekVape Z is the section of the company which deals with the tanks of vape. The specialty of these tanks is their ability to be waterproof and leakproof. The company claims them to be strong enough to hold the vape juice, and they do not leak under any circumstances. The tank’s primary purpose in a vape device is to allow the vape juice to soak into the wick. The wick in return transports the liquid to the coil. The GeekVape Z tanks are specialized to help you continue the process of vaping by replacing the vape juice with the older one.

There are six different types of tanks available at the website of GeekVape under the section of GeekVape Z products. Some tanks are designed to be leak-proof, while others claim to help you in enhancing the flavor of the liquid. Similarly, one of the tanks is specialized to be packed with power, while the other claims to increase the production of clouds. Thus, all the GeekVape Z presented on the website of the company have their specialized features.

The products are named GeekVape Z50, GeekVape Max Tank, GeekVape Zx RTA, GeekVape Z Nano Tank and GeekVape Sub Z ohm Tank. So if you are looking to buy a good quality tank, go and check out the tanks available on GeekVape’s website. Do not forget to read the customer reviews before making the purchase.


The Wax is a pod kit designed with tolerable and steady power output at a satisfactory level. The Wenax of GeekVape is available in nine different colors. It is a product either for beginners or for the people who like their hits to be subtle. The company claims Wenax to be the lightest flavor of vape. There are three different types of products under the Wax series. These are Wenax K1, Wenax C1, and Wenax Stylus. Let’s talk about the K1 variant of Wenax specifically.

The mind-blowing GeekVape Wenax K1-A has a perfectly anodized aluminum body. Wenax K1 Pack may be a unit framework pack outlined with relentless and persevering control output. Powered by 600mAh built-in battery capacity, it’ll give you a whole day of vaping, and the USB type-c charging harbor will give you quick charging. It highlights a tight draw for a filled-in-the-mouth cloud encounter. In addition, it too highlights a 3-level flexible control yield, which assists you in altering flavor effectively.

There are two ways to enjoy Wenax K1: auto-draw or button-triggered. Wenax K1 comes with an anti-inadvertently mode, and it’ll rest naturally if there’s no operation for more than 10 seconds. The case could be a 2ml refillable case with 300-400 puffs. If you are into this sort of vaping, get it to appreciate extraordinary vaping.


Obelisk series of GeekVape contains products that have the latest technology installed on them. The products specialized in different features are under this category. They are specially designed for users who are keen on technology and like to live a high-tech life. There are three different types of Obelisk under these series.

The first one is named Obelisk 60. This device has a palm-fit design that is stylish and easy to carry. The device also has a magnetic click with no trouble and has an amazing capacity of a two-day battery. The coil of Obelisk 60 is designed to be a power booster that enhances the function of the device. At the same time, it also keeps the flavor subtle for the user.

The second product is the Obelisk 120 FC, more of an innovative device. The GeekVape Company calls it the first vape with safe and fast charging. The device is specialized to be charged in fifteen minutes. Within fifteen minutes, the Obelisk 120 FC can charge 3700mAH which is extremely fast. The company makes sure to install the charging process, which is safe and efficient, and it claims the device to be highly reliable. The battery lasts for more or less two days and gives a fantastic experience of vaping. The tank used in Obelisk is leakproof and efficient to use. So if you are looking for a highly convenient yet stylish device for vaping, get your hands on this one.

Lastly, the product under this category is the Obelisk Tank. It has an innovative childproof lock design, which is convenient and easy for juice filling. It also has a boosting bottom airflow system with a powerful GeekVape Z Series Coil. The GeekVape Obelisk Tank makes vaping safer and more accessible to another level. So if you are into high-quality and efficient tanks, get your hands on this one.


The other section of GeekVape involves accessories related to the vape. These could be removable batteries, building mats, wires, tweezers, mini tool kits, and much more. All these accessories under the heading of others are authentic, reliable, and of good quality. The product description is given under each product, and customer reviews are also available on the website.

The accessories help a customer to build the device according to their needs. Furthermore, it also helps save money as some accessories, like batteries, can be replaced rather than the whole device. So head over to GeekVape and get your “others” from there now.


There are six different types of coils on the GeekVape website. They all are distinctive and different in features from each other. The three main different features in each of them are the Tank, Obelisk, and Aegis series to which they are attached. The coils are specialized to be used with different types of vaping devices. The coil works as the heart of vaping devices as it does all the mechanical work. The mechanical work involves the vaporization of vape juice and enhances the experience of vaping. A good coil can make a huge difference in your vaping. So check out all the coils present on the website of GeekVape and get yours today as they are worth it.

Pros and Cons List

While we have talked about different parts of vaping devices of GeekVape, we saw and reviewed them in detail. However, we need to understand that there are certain cons and pros of each section reviewed above.

Starting from Aegis, we have talked in detail about the above. If you buy the Aegis series, you will have some benefits. The benefits may include that they are easy to use as some of them are designed for beginners. Additionally, another benefit of them could be the replication of smoking with a mouth-to-lung draw. The drawbacks could be that the battery time is slightly lower than the high-tech devices, and they are costly. Another drawback is the limitation of vaporization and nicotine restrictions.

Now let’s talk about the GeekVape Z of the vape device, also known as the tanks of vape. The pros could be their ability to be leakproof, which can give an authentic product to the user which is safe from any leakage. Another benefit of the GeekVape Tank could be big cloud vapors and the enhancement of flavors. The tank could have a few cons as well. Firstly, the advanced featured tanks are a bit complicated to use. People who are new to vaping may become overwhelmed by them.

Now let’s talk about coils and other sections. The others of GeekVape have a pro that vape can get upgraded, and you can add new features at a low price. The customization of the device would take place at a low price. However, accessories may be because you spent an extra amount of money on vaping. Similarly, coils, if purchased individually, can cost you extra money. But at the same time, one can always customize and buy their preferred tank and coil.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, we can say that there is a wide range of products on the website. The wide range of products gives a huge margin of choice to the GeekVape customers. The website is user-friendly and is very easy to use with a lot of customer support and assistance. Each section of products has several products with different features under them. The good thing is, each product has a specific product description if you click on them. This provides better insight to potential customers regarding the product. So, we recommend you purchase the GeekVape products.

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