How to properly store vape juice

Where to store vape juice? How long can you store vape juice? Do you need any vape juice storage cases? Many factors have to do with the proper conservation of liquids. You need to have some care with liquids. Both with those already ready for vaping and with those that we can create employing alchemy. That is to prevent them from losing flavor or spoiling.

If you preserve the liquid correctly, it should provide a good flavor. But if it doesn’t, the flavor may have gone off or affected the vape experience. Here we talk to you about when we can consider a liquid to have gone wrong and some causes that can ruin your liquids. Everything you need to know about storing your vape juice is below.

How To Make E-Liquid Last longer

It is always best to take care to store liquids whether we purchase or manufacture them by ourselves. In the ideal place, a place away from light and heat. In addition to perfectly closed. It is also not advisable to move them constantly. It is enough to shake the bottle once a day while it is in its maceration process. So that the components, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, aromas, and nicotine, mix properly.

Once the flavor has unified, the only thing that can happen is that air is created inside and loses flavor. Later it is less necessary. It is convenient to store the liquids conscientiously. Following these few steps to ensure that our liquids have the best quality. In addition to always providing an optimal vaping experience.

  • Keep E-Liquid Away From Heat

E-liquids don’t like heat. The storage of E-liquid temperature is essential. Heat can seriously alter the taste of liquids. The heat helps aromas evaporate, detracting from their flavor. Also, as with air, it can degrade the nicotine in the liquid quickly. Always avoid leaving your liquids in places close to sources of heat or the sun itself.

All those who create their liquids through alchemy know to keep them away from light, obviously at an optimal room temperature. Sunlight mainly affects nicotine. Ultraviolet rays break down the nicotine, changing the color of the liquid and dulling the flavor. It is preferable that the bottles, whether plastic or glass, are always dark. That helps to protect the liquids from the effects of sunlight.

  • Keep E-Liquid From Light and Air

The next important step in storing e-liquids is to keep them away from air and light. Although it may seem somewhat unbelievable, air can reduce the flavor of liquids. Again, it is best to close the liquids permanently for humidity issues and the oxygenation of the flavors. The aroma components evaporate, and the propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin base help to “seal” those aromas.

Care should be taken not to leave the bottles of liquid open to avoid losing part of the aroma. Or, depending on the environment in which we are, this can be mixed with other aromas and be altered. The air also decomposes the nicotine, which gives the liquids a darker tone. In short, it is best to close the liquid bottle tightly every time you refill your tank.

  • Use Glass, Not Plastic

To make sure your e-liquid does not spoil or change, pay attention. Make sure they are stored in dark-colored glass bottles, not plastic. For storing e-liquid in the long term, glass is better than plastic. The dark color ensures that no light penetrates the liquid. It could change the chemical composition of the fluid.

As for the glass, it stops any possible leaching from bottles. That could alter the liquid inside the way plastic bottles do. In addition, glass vape juice bottles are also not as porous as plastic, preventing air from getting into the substance.

Store vape juice

  • Properly Sealed Bottle

Water is one of the worst things that can happen to liquids. It can destroy the vape experience, from the vaping feel to the flavor to even the life of the heating elements. Water can wreak havoc on your resistance or cotton, taking away the flavor, even causing some coughing. It’s pretty nasty stuff and can be due to several causes.

As we already know, Vegetable glycerin is hygroscopic, which means that it absorbs the moisture around it. It usually happens if we leave the bottle of liquid open. That is also why we feel dry mouth when we vape too much. It is also the reason why vapers need to be well hydrated.

That also means that when you leave your liquid open, especially in humid environments. The glycerin will absorb moisture from the air and mix with the liquid resulting in a less potent flavor. So the remedy is simple. You must remember to keep your liquids closed.

  • Use Refrigerator

Ideally, a refrigerator would be the best place to store your liquid for a long period, like with food products. As mentioned above, a dark bottle helps prevent light from altering the liquid. If you don’t have tinted glass containers, store them in a shaded area for the same results.

As you know, light contains heat. Heat also alters the chemical composition of vape juice. So by making sure your liquids are away from those two, they will last a long time. The best place we can recommend you to store your e-liquid is in the fridge.

  • Keep Away From Kids And Pets

You must keep it away from your children and pets. They can play with them and spoil them. They can spill your juice or break the container. Also, children can ingest it as a drink, which is not a good thing. So try to keep them away from these, and nothing will happen!  Heed this child-resistant recommendation before anything happens.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, by following our tips for storing your vape juices for the long term, you will be safe. You save a lot of money by having to replace pampered juices. Sit back and relax, knowing that your favorite flavors are always available. Ready to be placed inside your vape device, also drawn for maximum flavor.



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