Are you wondering how long do vape coils last? It is a very common question that a lot of people who vape have. If you’re just getting started with vaping, you might not know the answer to this question. Knowing how long do vape coils last will help you know if you have to change them.

In this article, we will respond to this question for you. Once you are done reading this, you will know how long your vape coil will last. In addition, we will also discuss about how you can make them last for a longer time.

What Is A Vape Coil?

The first thing that we should talk about in this article is what a vape coil is. It is essential to know what a vape coil is to understand how long it can last. That’s why this is the first thing that we will discuss in this article.

A vape coil is one of the main parts of a vape device. Many people don’t give much importance to this part of the vape. However, without a good vape coil, your vape won’t be as good. Coils are in charge of heating your device’s e-liquid and converting it to vapor. That is the main thing that people associate with vaping. As you can see, it is one of the most important things.

The vape coil is a wire that goes through the whole vape and composes the e liquid. The vape coil is generally made out of heating material, for example, stainless steel. The coil makes hot water that will later become smoke.

How Long Do Vape Coils Last?

It is essential to know how long vape coils can last. Many people ask themselves, how long do vape coils last? The answer to this question will depend on a number of factors. However, one short answer to how long do vape coils last? It would be one week for heavy users. If you don’t use your vape so much, then it can last two weeks. These are some factors that will determine how long do vape coils last.

  • Quality

Not every vape juice is going to have the same quality. Some e juices are going to be better for your coils. If you buy a high-quality vape juice, there are more chances that your coil will last longer.

  • Type Of E-liquid

Many people don’t know this, but the type of liquid and the taste is going to determine how much it lasts. If you wonder, “How long do vape coils last?” it might also depend on the type of e-liquid. Sweet e-liquids or e-liquids with added sweeteners in them tend to wear out vape coils faster than non-sweet e-liquids.

  • Usage

How you use your vape is also going to determine how many puffs does a coil lasts. How you use the coil and how much you do will make it last more or less. In addition, cleaning vape coils will make them last for a longer time. If you have your coil regularly cleaned, your vape experience will be better. In addition, you can also clean your vape tank.

Vape coil

How Can I Make My Vape Coils Last Longer?

We have already answered the question of “how long do vape coils last?”. Now we will tell you how to make your vape coils last for a longer time. So, here are some things that will make your vape coils last longer:

  • Avoid Dry Hits

Avoiding dry air hits on your vape will help you protect the coil. When your vape coil is dry, the cotton burnsthat’s what produces the unpleasant taste you experience sometimes. To avoid this from happening, you shouldn’t take multiple dry hits quickly. It will be better for your coil if you wait for a little before multiple hits. If you do this, the coil head will last for a more extended period

  • Do Regular Cleaning

Another thing that will help your coil be more long-lasting is cleaning it. We can not stress enough how important it is for you to clean your coil. The coil will start to collect dirt and gunk, much like a filter does, after a few days’ worths of usage. If you take care of the vape and clean it, you can get away with using the same coil more. So, if you were wondering how long vape coils last if you clean them, it will be longer.

The Bottom Line

Throughout this article, we answered the question of “how long do vape coils last?” In addition, we talked about what a coil is and the factors that will make them last longer. In addition, we also gave you some recommendations on how you can make your coils last longer. So, we hope that this article gave you all the information that you need.



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