Are you a vape lover? If yes, then you certainly need to look into all the specifications of the best quality vape out there: Voopoo. This article is based on the Voopoo Review and the products of this particular brand. But before that, let’s talk about the vaping trend and how it is gaining ground rapidly. Vaping is a phenomenon where it is used as a replacement for cigarettes, and there are various vaping devices, and the smoke is inhaled or puffed by the users. One perk of vaping is that non-nicotine versions can help smokers quit smoking and shift to a healthier alternative. (Texas Department of State Health Service)

The most useful feature of vaping is that it can assist you in controlling your nicotine intake. Let’s say you’re seeking a non-smoking alternative or want to quit smoking. In that scenario, it’s critical to seek an alternative, and vaping is the most effective smoking substitute. Although it has some disadvantages, it is unquestionably preferable to smoking. Furthermore, vaping without nicotine may be a simple approach to quit smoking and live a more nicotine-free lifestyle. To acquaint ourselves with one of the best vape brands out there, let’s explore the specifications and pros and cons of various designs of Voopoo Vapes.

About the Brand: VOOPOO

Voopoo assumed its operations in 2010, and throughout these years, it became one of the leading brands of vape and spread its influence all over the globe. The main finding here is that this particular brand has attracted a plethora of people within a very short time frame because of its quality, design, power and temperature control, and various other smart functions. All the perks attached to this vape are the fundamental underlying reason for its rapid demand, and people love the power management and mode switching features that come with it.

In order to win the hearts of its customers once again, VOOPOO has collaborated with the US Chip Company to bring further innovation to its vapes, and recently it has bestowed all of its customers with a chip feature that makes it even more attractive. Let’s look at some of the top products of Voopoo Brands and learn about their features, so without any further delay, let’s dive in.

Voopoo Products

These are the major six series introduced by Voopoo and so let’s learn about the following Voopoo Reviews.

Drag Series

First things first, the design of this particular series is amazing as it is the perfect embodiment of sleekness and class. It is composed of the perfect blend of metal, alloy, and leather, and the vape provides a perfectly firm grip, and it feels extremely easy to carry around this portable and advanced quality vape. If you love that feeling of making large clouds out of vape smoke, then this is the perfect series of vapes for you. Voopoo Drags has a unique design, and the metal is crafted in an immensely artistic way to add to the beauty of this attractive design.

There are many unique and beautifully designed Voopoo Vapes, and Drag 3 is one of the best vapes in the drag series. All the vapes in this series have Type-C charging ports and have a fast-charge system that gives your vape the best battery type and power. The design is very sleek, and it also provides you with a thumb groove for the customer’s comfort. The durability of these vapes is unquestionable, and they also support an acrylic PnP Pod with an incredible battery. This particular series has the best power range and battery life so that you can enjoy this vape for a longer period of time.

Unlike all the old vapes, this vape has a TFT display screen that is larger in size, and the screen displays all of its features, making it more users friendly, along with providing you with better puff and overall control of the device. These uniquely designed vape kits provide you with better features, and just by enabling the settings, you can shift to a simple high puff mode. The smart button can be enabled by tapping the fire button thrice, and it also enables you to shift securely between the drag and button tap mode.  Remember, if you need a vape with better performance, more clouds, and new taste, the Voopoo Drags is the best option for you.

Vinci Series

Next up, we have the Voopoo Vinci Series, a better, smaller, more accessible, and safer vape product, and it has a better and a modified design than its predecessors. The best part about these vapes is that they are leak-resistant, implying that they can protect your device against any damage that could be caused by leakage of liquid flavor. In addition, its unique infinite airflow system makes it more attractive for users to buy. If you are looking for a smaller yet better quality vape, Voopoo Vinci Series is your answer, as it also has a better auto and manual start mode, both.

It is known to have the best vape kits, and the box of this high-quality Vinci Series vape contains two coil heads and a separate box for accessories, containing a micro USB charger and other cables. It is composed of zinc alloy, and the weight of this unique vape series is very manageable, and it can be easily carried around. The metal casing further adds to the strength of this product and makes it even more user-friendly. Some people may find it large. However, this is an all-in-one product, and it is a hybrid between a pod system and a simple all-in-one system.

The carrying capacity of this vape is said to be the largest vape of all time. It has magnets attached to it to keep the pod in place and maintain the strength and making of this pod. It features two panels on its sides and a control panel with many buttons and a charging port, and this shows the automation used in the composition of these vapes. The size of its display screen is very generous, and it helps you control all its functions and displays information regarding wattage, power, and battery on the screen. Another feature of this vape is that it has a proper menu and a navigation system. In addition to all its amazing features, the adjustable puff feature and sleep mode are triggered after an hour or so. Hence, it might provide you with comfort at night.

Argus Series

Another addition in the modern vape era is Voopoo’s Argus series, which offers tons of amazing features that can help you spice up your vaping game. As far as the packaging of this vape is concerned, it has that basic packaging. Nevertheless, there is one addition here; a usual age restriction and nicotine warning along with a booklet or manual. It has a type-C charger and comes with a user manual. By digging further into the box, we can find two refillable pods and a PnP Coil-Head.

The classy design of this vape can be seen from the fact that it has a stainless steel cover and is available in 7 great colors, which further magnifies the users’ interest in this amazing vape. The size and shape of this vape make it very easy to carry around, and it is a convenient option. Its easy-to-operate feature is another perk of buying this vape. If you are looking for a direct lung vaping feature, this needs to be your perfect choice. It is also a great choice for mouth-to-lung vaping, so if you are looking for a vape to acquire these perks, you know which series to choose from.

In terms of features, this is a different vape with smart features like smart resistance detection. When you connect the coil of this vape to the pod, the vape automatically chooses the wattage option, taking into account the suitability of the air around you. As far as the battery is concerned, it may not provide a longer battery life than the other vapes out there. Nonetheless, if we analyze the battery timing as per the size of this vape, it seems to be longer battery life. The charging port uses the USB Type-C charging cable. This is good news for those who are looking for mouth-to-lung and direct lung vaping techniques.

V Series

Voopoo V-Series is also one of its main series with elegant designs, and it is a series that fosters innovation and provides the next-generation technology. It is made to provide the easiest to use yet economical option for the vapers. One of the well-known products in this series is the V.SUIT, which has a POD kit, enriches the look of your vape, and gives you a classy and rich look. It is immensely lightweight, and its battery life gives it an additional touch.

In addition, it has the added perk of an OLED screen with an adjustable power option. The Type-C charger enables the phone to get charged quicker, giving you a long time for vaping and enjoying the flavor of your vape. Here, it must be noted that the lightweight vape has been able to gain the support of a million followers. It also shows the number of daily puffs that can be highly beneficial for you in controlling your smoking habits. Most importantly, this vape series fosters the newest addition to the vaping line of a GENE chip that intensifies the flavor and provides you with a flexible option with positive and negative signs.

PNP Platform

This platform facilitates you by providing the best vaping experience through a blend of clouds, simply by replacing the coils. So, if you want some real vaping action, then the PNP Platform is the perfect option for you. However, this does not mean that you can only experience the richness of flavor of your vape by investing a huge amount of money; PNP Platforms are the most economical way to experience the diversity of flavor. Try it once, and get ready to lose yourself in its richness. It is the atomizer in your vape, and it is the most economical yet the most convenient, and fastest way to change the coil and experience the amplified flavor of your vape.

TPP Platform

Another great Atomizer introduced by Voopoo is TPP Platform which employs the latest MESH technology to impart a powerful, faster, and more prosperous vaping experience. The basic purpose of this TPP platform is to add to the fun brought by vaping. If we compare TPP platforms and coils with the ordinary ones, we can decipher that TPP has a fast heating technology with higher overall efficiency. It amplifies the taste of your vape flavor and simultaneously distributes the heat.

Pros and Cons List

Pros of Drag Series:

  • Unique design.
  • Better taste and long-lasting flavor.
  • It helps you get rid of your smoking habits through its large number of features.

Cons of Drag Series:

  • It can be heavier for some users.

Pros of Vinci Series:

  • It keeps your vaping habits in check with its daily puff tracker.
  • Unique design.
  • Better battery.
  • Large e-liquid capacity.
  • Outstanding performance.

Cons of Vinci Series:

  • The sleep mode may be an annoying feature for many people who do not want to readjust the mode again and again in the morning.
  • Airflow can be improved to a great extent.

Pros of Argus Series:

  • One of the best quality.
  • Well composed and a sleek design.
  • The power output and the airflow of this series of vapes are adjustable.
  • Large LCD display.
  • Excellent Performance.

Cons of Argus Series:

  • It might not be the perfect option for mouth-to-lung vaping option.

Pros of V Series:

  • Elegant design.
  • Good battery life.
  • GENE chip.
  • The puff tracker can enable you to monitor your smoking activity.

Cons of V Series:

  • Not the best battery life option.
  • Some people might love the pen-shaped kit instead of the POD kit.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, if you want to upgrade your vaping game and add to your vaping experience in terms of flavors and puffing, then Voopoo is the must-try brand for you. The Voopoo above Reviews can provide you with crystal clear guidelines about the major vape lines of this brand. So, learn about these series, invest in the product that you find to be your favorite, and enjoy!

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